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Harnessing and extending the power of Oracle NetSuite to help manufacturers realize the promise of Industry 5.0.

Digital Manufacturing.

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The SmartFactory™ Shop Floor Bundle gives you the best in digital manufacturing across every aspect of your business operation.

Materials Management

Material Move, Material Issuances for Lot or Serialized. Automatic backflush of material with ‘SmartBackflush’.

WO Completions

Full or partial work order completions and transactions keeps ERP system of record always accurate and up-to-date.


Operators record time, associated cost to work order. Enhanced labor utilization and cost reporting.

Downtime, Rework, Scrap

Enhanced data capture, analysis, Pareto summaries and operating reports.

Supplemental Quality

Automated quality triggers, inspections and checks. Supplemental quality options on the shop floor.

Bar Code Scanning

Full barcode scanning for labor, material movement, login, inventory, and other work activities.

Label Printing

Generate and print labels and barcodes as they’re needed to keep materials and people productive.

IIoT Connectivity

Machine-to-machine integration for seamless shop floor processes, controls and reporting.

Manufacturing Power.

SmartFactory Logo 2023

SmartFactory™ offers three add-ons to expand the capability of your ERP platform and the SmartFactory™ Shop Floor Bundle.

Fully integrate your manufacturing operation and keep you on top of key information.

M2M Integration

Seamlessly integrate machine-to-machine connectivity. Map PLC data tags directly into SmartFactory for automated data collection, analysis and reporting. Improve operational awareness while supporting NetSuite transactional activities.

Real-time machine conversations, capture relevant data attributes or process parameters, log downtime and events in real-time, see everything through graphical machine monitoring display options.

Electronic Batch Record Management

Extend your ERP platform to track ingredients, process manufacturing, traceability, auditing, governance and compliance. Enhance your food and beverage manufacturing capabilities to meet your customer’s exacting requirements.

Add Recipe and Formulation Management, Blending and Mixed Multiple Lot Ingredient Control, Pre-kitting Ingredients and Traceability, Detailed Process and Manufacturing Information, Ensuring Standard Operating Procedure Compliance.

SmartFactory OHR Tablet

Digital Process History Records

Extend Operational Routing for compliance and auditing purposes. Customize sub-task activities or information to capture routing step execution. Monitor information for continuous improvement.

Integrate images and photos via camera, HMI, scanning or automated image capture when using the M2M option. Maintain an accurate and complete Electronic Digital History Record for all activities and analysis in third-party tools.

Why not Experience a SmartFactory™ Demo?

General Overview Video

See the power of a fully enabled manufacturing operation with the SmartFactory™.

Extended eBR Demo Video

Here are the details of the power and control you can have over your production environment with SmartFactory™, keeping your current ERP platform as the system of record.

CAPA Demo Video

See how to gain control of your Corrective Action and Preventative Action plans and activities with SmartFactory™.

SmartFactory™ in Action

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Built for Oracle NetSuite.

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Built for Oracle NetSuite

Work Order, BOM, Inventory, Routings, Supply Plan and other native functionality.

SuiteSuccess™ Ready

Leveraging SuiteSuccess with native functionality for fast integration and smooth go-live.

Stairway Compatible

Supports the NetSuite SuiteSuccess Stairway from Establish through Dominate.

IIoT Enabled

Real-time machine monitoring for OEE, production, downtime, quality and performance.

And enabled for other ERP platforms.

Its Your Move

Want Real Digital Manufacturing?
It’s here and ready to go!

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